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The mission of the Faculty of Letters is to train specialists in the field of philology, translation and education science of high qualification, both in the mother tongue (Romanian and Russian), as well as in the modern foreign languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The training of the specialists takes place in three university cycles: licentiate, master and doctorate. The students of the Faculty of Letters have the possibility to complete the pedagogical or specialized internships in various high schools, public and private institutions, with which the faculty has concluded collaboration agreements. Also, the students of the faculty have the opportunity to consult the specialized literature from the Austrian Library, the British Centre, American Studies Center, Academic Success Center and “Russkii mir” Cultural Center. In the Polish and Turkish Language Centers there are courses for those who want to learn a new language. Through the diversity of proposed academic programs – both undergraduate and graduate – the Faculty of Letters proposes to its students an educational path which is not just a starting point of a successful career, but also a way to shape their personality of future philologists. They get unforgettable experience, build interpersonal relations based on respect and appreciation, collaborate with their peers from abroad and enjoy academic motilities, a simulating learning environment fostering creativity.

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